Moving On From Goa to Mysore

My next destination after Goa on the 2017 South India tour was Mysore in Karnataka state. I flew to Bangalore and spent a quick night in the Saint Marks Circle area; lucky enough for a late-night rendezvous with the famous fish and chips at Koshy’s. The next morning I caught the southbound Shatabi Express for a pleasant 2-hour train ride to Mysore. Staying again at the charming Green Lotus House in the Gokulam neighborhood, I was hosted by my friends Drs. Hari and Ananya Prasad – the very best hosts ever. Mysore has such a nice vibe – it is home to a fantastic 600-year history and also over 100 yoga salas specializing in the Ashtanga discipline. There are some of the best vegetarian restaurants you will ever hope to experience.

The Mysore Palace lights up on Sunday nights for an hour or so and draws thousands of locals for the sight. Last time I missed it, but this time was able to catch a couple of nice photos.



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