Hemakuta Hill, Hampi

This is the hill just behind Virupaksha Temple. Although I have never been to the ancient Greek ruins of Athens, this place struck me as a similar experience. This was a site that I would return to around sunset repeatedly; it is just so full of spirit and magnetism. Old carved Sanskrit tablets in the boulders, lingam towers rising to the sky gods, Hindu pilgrims wandering the rubble – the sensory stimulation was abundant! HH1HH2HH3HH4HH5HH6HH7HH8



One Reply to “Hemakuta Hill, Hampi”

  1. This place looks absolutely stunning! I am very jealous – that I was in Karnataka and never left Bangalore to see this!! I would love to make another trip and parallel this itinerary you are on right now. Maybe you could write (yet another, but much better) travel guide – negotiating the trains, etiquette, lodging, sights, etc. Or just bind all these posts! Absolutely amazing, Gary. ❤


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