India 2017 Trip

1st stop is Mamallapuram, AKA Mahabalipuram, affectionately called Mahabs by the locals in India. Mahabs is located in the state of Tamil Nadu (SE India) about two hours south of the metropolis of Chennai. It is a clash of cultures featuring both World Heritage temples and rock carvings; contrasted with reputedly the best surfing in India, drawing the “dude” crowd.  Mahabs was the major seaport of the ancient Pallava kingdom of South India. It is all easily walk-able, full of imagery and a most welcome entry point to be back in India!

In the Fisherman Colony, where the surfer scene has taken root, the clash of cultures is evident in this photo of a small neighborhood golden Hindu temple sharing a border with a pizzeria (owned by a Muslim family).


I loved the bold colors on the face of this modern temple in town.



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