3rd Anniversary

I passed a milestone on March 6th – it has now been three years since I left the States. Wow!!!

Looking back, it seems like not so much time has passed.

I have to say that when I read the headlines about what is going on back in the US that I am not particularly sad about being abroad these last 3 years. In some ways, I am glad about my timing – although the long arm of the States and its politics reaches far, all the way to the South China Sea and Korea. These are the issues that currently dominate the headlines over here, causing stress and worry.

Anyway, my life is a mellow retirement affair. I am whiling away a year in Dalat, Vietnam. I go to yoga every morning at 7:30 for 90 minutes. That’s about a 10 minute walk from home. I joined a brand-new gym (clean!) just a couple of blocks away from home and go there daily for some weight training/cardio work (the prices here are great – a monthly membership to the newest, greatest gym in Dalat is 250,000d, or $11 USD). When the mood hits me, I take off on my mountain bike to explore the hill country around Dalat.

Even though I have a one-year multiple entry visa to Vietnam, I still only receive a 90-day stamp upon entry. So I need to make visa run every 3 months. A lot of ex-pats jump on the bus to Cambodia and turn right back around for their exit/entry stamps: I prefer to make it a vacation. So, in late April I will be returning to India for 30 days, exploring new areas and returning to the blog to document said adventures. In late August, I will be heading to Bali for 3 weeks and blogging again. At the end of my 1-year Vietnam visa in late October, I will be returning to Taiwan for 6 months. So, I have arranged my itinerary through April 2018. After that, no plans yet.

I would love to hear for all of you who have been following. Please say hi!


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