Yoga, Meditation and the Brain

I hope that all of my friends out there are enjoying life and looking to 2017 as a positive step forward. I am living quietly and thoughtfully here in Da Lat for the winter. Without a source of new travel discoveries to report, the scope of my blog to date, I wish to keep reporting on things that have meaning to me.

At the top of the list, I am writing about some thoughts that I have about yoga and meditation. Those of you who have followed the blog since I left the States know that I have become an enthusiast. Certainly to me, it has been an obvious benefit to my health and I want to share my enthusiasm with you.

Here are just a few things about the practice that have swayed me. I have learned that there is a dynamic relationship between the size of the hippocampus in the brain and the practice of yoga, mediation and pranayama (pranayama being the practice of mindful breathing). Being able to improve or neutralize the decline of the hippocampus is essential to living a healthy life as we age. Please Google some of the terms above and you will discover a wealth of information on the subject.

The point that I want to get across to my friends is that these techniques are an easy practice to establish at home. For us older folks, the research is showing that these practices are slowing down or reversing the effects of dementia and physical aging. Headstands, even at the age of 62, are easy to do and send blood back to the heart and brain. I stand on my head 3 minutes every day. I urge you to adopt any of these ideas into your daily regimen. Meditation and pranayama are so easy and beneficial at any age. I regret that I did not develop this routine on a daily basis when I was younger. Convenient to do by yourself, yet totally supported by groups in any urban community and online. 10 minutes a day to start. Health is wealth!

Here’s a new year toast to you all that we can all come back to this forum 20 years from now and have lots to share as 80 year-old youngsters! Peace to you all.


2 Replies to “Yoga, Meditation and the Brain”

  1. Hey Gary,
    Sounds like you have found a little piece of paradise there.
    Thanks for the encouraging words about yoga, etc.
    They might be just what gets me moving in that direction



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