Goodbye, Japan

Well, that winds up my first trip to Japan. I was able to spend a month in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe-Nara metropolis and almost two weeks in Tokyo. I loved it all! Expensive, sure but if that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’ll take it. I was able immerse myself in history, check out huge several sake breweries, ride the Shinkansen bullet train round trip Tokyo-Osaka, see Mt. Fuji out the window, be a commuter in Tokyo, and eat fantastic food every day. Yee-hah!

Next up will be a return to Taipei for six  weeks, where I will going to hot yoga every day and biking around the area as much as the weather allows. Definitely an eat-right, exercise and chill plan.

I will be returning to Da Lat, Viet Nam for the winter. More daily Sivananda yoga, mountain biking in the Central Highlands, and lots of organic veggies from my favorite little farm. Yum!

There will be a short trip to Bangkok in late January to visit my storage locker and attempt to consolidate things back to Viet Nam.

In late April, I have a ticket to Chennai, India. Don’t know what my time frame there will be until I make my way to the Indian Embassy in Hanoi sometime this winter and learn what the Indian visa gods have up their sleeves.

That’s the plan for the moment. Stay tuned…


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