Kinkaku, Kyoto

The Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku) is one of Kyoto’s most popular World Heritage Sites. It is a shariden, a Buddhist hall containing relics of Buddha.

The area was originally a villa owned by the 3rd shogun of the early Muromachi period, built in 1397. When the shogun died, in keeping with his will the villa was converted into a temple. Gold foil on lacquer cover the upper two levels. A shining phoenix stands on top of the shingled roof. The first level is built in the shinden style of the 11th century imperial aristocracy; the second level is in the “buke” style of the warrior aristocracy; and the top level is in the Chinese zenshu-butsuden style. Considered a prime example of Muromachi period architecture.


Some cute Tokyo girls on holiday paying respect to their country’s roots.Kink7

Make a prayer for good fortune and throw a coin.Kink8

Can you imagine how much money has been collected by the abbots of this temple over the last 700+ years?Kink9Kink10


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