Sushi for Breakfast, Osaka Style

When you make the effort to attend the  morning tuna auction, which is over promptly at 4:30, what do you do then? Easy, go eat sushi at Endo – the central fish market’s best restaurant that opens at 5 AM to cater to all the raw fish professionals. My first sushi experience at this time of the morning!Endo1Endo2

Oops! I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo before I ate the first piece! That’s a rich red miso/clam soup at the top. Below, 2nd piece is the freshest sea urchin that you will ever eat at 5:00!! A wonderful meal and great company with similar raw fish lovers in the crazy hours of the morning!Endo3

2 Replies to “Sushi for Breakfast, Osaka Style”

  1. Looks FAB! a couple years I was in Hokkaido for the snow festival, there is a fish market there also. No where near as big as the one in Tokyo, more geared for tourist but fun none the less. The early morning sushi breakfast is one of my favorite memories.


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