Nishiki Market, Kyoto

Nishiki Market runs several blocks along a covered lane. It is in an upscale downtown area and offers an complete look at the variety of Japanese foods, many so odd to the Western eye. I like the traditional market presentations here, something that is becoming lost to modernization in the neighborhood supermarkets. Nishiki1Nishiki2Nishiki3Nishiki4

Fresh grilled squid and scallops on a stick – yum!Nishiki5

Peaches are prized here and priced accordingly. Those yen prices range from about USD $3.50 to $7.00 per peach. Don’t touch!! God forbid that you spent $7.00 for an unripe peice of fruit!Nishiki7

Still swimming.Nishiki8Nishiki9

There’s just an vast selection of pickled and packaged veg…Nishiki10

This stuff was the ugliest on display, but thanks to the English signs, made it an easy selection for one of the tastiest foods available. Nikishi11

Eel in a variety of presentations- quite pricey here.Nishiki12







The matcha shop – green tea in powdered form crafted into an amazing selection of products!Nishiki19






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