I found it very interesting when I was researching this trip that Lonely Planet stated Kyoto was one of the must-see four cities in the world during your lifetime, along with London, Paris and Rome. This places Kyoto above Tokyo, New York, San Francisco -etc. What I found was that they were totally correct. Kyoto is as an enchanting place as I have ever been. The ancient capital of Japan with a 1,000 year history of emperors, castles, shoguns, temples and shrines that go on forever, it is fascinating. Add to this a vibrant modern core city with world-class architecture, especially the Kyoto Station masterpiece (more on that later). I fell in love with Kyoto, so much so that I made arrangements with my AirBnB host to go back and live an additional month in his guest tatami room at a traditional house in the suburbs to the east of the historical district. So beginning next week, I will have the opportunity to explore Kyoto at a more leisurely pace, to take hours at each temple and time to meditate on the grounds. Stay tuned for more detail…


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  1. Sounds interesting! I have friends that moved to Yokohama to teach. They are loving Japan!

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