I was blissfully rewarded on my second temple visit with a fantastic setting, wonderful weather and endless imagery that had me mentally repeating all afternoon that I was in a photographer’s dream world. So be forewarned of the 30+ photos in this particular blog entry. I just couldn’t find many rejects…

Eikan-do has many structures and gardens set into the eastern hills of Kyoto. It was founded in 855 AD. The Eiken Buddhist sect is very much into chanting and there is a nice soundtrack of chants and bells drifting over the property at all times.

One thing to keep in mind that Kyoto is famous for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring that are everywhere on weeping cherry trees. I can only imagine how euphoric the scenes are in this city during that time! It is just picture perfect now in the dead heat of summer! The reason that I mention this here is that Eikan-do is an immensely popular location for local Japanese tourists during the cherry blossom weeks.

So beautiful!



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