Well, those three months flew by in a hurry. With my visa running out, it was time to leave Taiwan with the intention to return at some point. Most expats in Taiwan do their visa runs to Hong Kong, flying round-trip without even staying overnight. I started checking some regional airfares and found that a flight to Osaka was actually cheaper than one to Hong Kong. I have been avoiding planning a Japan trip because of the reputed extreme expense. However, the more conversations and Googling I researched led me to believe that it could be managed fairly reasonably as long as I stayed away from Tokyo.

So Osaka it is!My next report will be from Kyoto! I’ll see how long I can make it last in Japan once I get a better idea of the “lay of the land”.


2 Replies to “Japan”

  1. Hi Gary, Great pics over the last few months. Loved the bike ride adventures and the Bali blog in particular. Ubud is a really special place. I have been curious about Japan for years but never visited. Curious to check out your posts over the next few months. Looks like your loving the adventures, great to see. Peace, Morgs & Tj


  2. Goddam Gary!!! I love you!! You go with your bad self traveling all over Asia!! Your sorties are amazing & your photos are beautiful!!! Respect!!!


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