The Ride Begins…

My first port of call was the town of Jiaoxi in Yilan County. Jiaoxi is a hot spring town, one of several along the east coast. Since Taiwan is very geothermal active, there are lots of healing waters to sample. It was a pretty perfect choice; to be able to ride the area for a few days and return for a good therapeutic soak every night. Jiaoxi is a nice little town with parks every few blocks with free foot baths.


Jiaoxi Sign

There some really beautiful bike paths in the area, including this 16 km ocean side run that is nicely paved and maintained with two rest areas with pavilions along the way. Here is a shot from the bike path looking back north towards a rain shower that rolled into Jiaoxi about 1/2 hour after I left.BikePath

A view of Turtle island from the same path.TurtleI

There is a very nice museum on the waterfront in the town of Toucheng. It covers the history of Yilan County and is very well curated. The architecture alone is worth the trip with a dramatic perch looking over the Pacific.


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