Siquijor Island

I moved on from Apo Island to a larger island in the Visayas, Siquijor Island. Siquijor is about an 1 1/2 hour ferry ride from Dumaguete. Then another 30 minute motor tricycle ride took me to my destination, the Royal Cliff Resort. Siquijor is a very nice mix of white sand beaches, copious marine life in the ocean and mountains in the interior. So far, it is sparsely developed – nice and quiet, not too populated. The island is also famous across all of the Philippines for its native healers in the mountains, who mix up herbal concoctions for their patients to drink or rub on the body topically. Although I made a feeble attempt to venture into the interior to seek out a healer, I was not successful. All well and good, as I really had no health complaints to report. I did snorkel quite a bit right, walking directly into the ocean from my resort. Even at high tide, the area is quite shallow and you can walk out 30-40 meters before a shelf drops off. I also got in a couple of dives in the San Juan area; the visibility was a little murky and the water was the coldest I have experienced in the last three months. Still, I had a great time with Ben, the Japanese dive-master and company owner who I was lucky to dive with one-on-one. All in all, my week in Siquijor was lazy in the sun, eating well and enjoying the warm hospitality at the Royal Cliff!  Here’s some photos of where I stayed.


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