Sail Rock Dive

I had the chance to go on a dive to Sail Rock, which is about 45 km off Koh Tao towards Koh Phagnan. Sail Rock is considered to be one of the premier dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand and now I know why. The excursion requires a 6 A.M. meet at the dive shop, pulling equipment and fitting, then on the boat by 6:30. There are three dives with breakfast and lunch on the boat. Back on Koh Tao by 2:30.

While in Taiwan last summer, I purchased an HD Sports Camera which is fundamentally a cheaper Chinese knockoff of the GoPro. It came with an underwater housing and was perfect to start using in this environment. I was happy with its ease of use. So this is my first video using this equipment and also my first diving video. I’m pleased that I had so much good video from the dive to edit. I hope that you enjoy it!




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