I’m Oscar Mike

To borrow some Marine terminology from David Simon’s “Generation Kill”, I’m Oscar Mike (on the move). Leaving Da Lat, I flew to Saigon for a couple of days of big city. I lucked out with my AirBnB listing and stayed in a beautiful old French villa hidden away in the alleys of District One hosted by a lovely young Slovenian family who became instant friends. Then hopped an AirAsia jet to Bangkok stayed another two nights to manage errands. I worked my way down the Gulf Coast from BKK via Thai Railways, breaking up the trip into short segments. My first night was in Hua Hin, supposedly Thailand’s first beach resort. It was favored by the King in the early 1900’s, who built his summer palace along the shoreline. BKK society and junior royalty followed and have been there ever since. My short-stay impressions were of an old fishing village transformed into a European traveler’s playground. Lots of seafood and eating piers. Unfortunately, the sex tourist syndrome appears to be prolific here. In the old fishing lanes are scores of hostess bars. The basic setup is an open storefront with a couple of pool tables and a bar. Young Thai women in sexy cocktail dresses work the pool tables and one is on the street hawking. Groups of old guys slowly killing themselves by chain-smoking and swilling liter bottles of Leo beer surround the tables and bars on stools, hoping to be “the one” to hook up with the pretty young things. Walking the waterfront the next morning, there were several couples of 70+ old white guys, all wrinkled and sun-tumor-ed skin with huge beer bellies flapping past their navel strolling hand-in-hand with tiny 20- something Thai girls, acting like school boys in 1st love. One can visualize the cash virtually vacuuming out of their wallets. Heart rendering scenes of bliss. Ugh!

Next stop was a four hour train down to Chumpon and an overnight stay. Chumpon serves as a gateway to the island trinity of Koh Tao, Koh Pha-Ngan, and Koh Samui. I was headed to Tao for some diving. Pictures and stories to follow…


6 Replies to “I’m Oscar Mike”

  1. Hi Gary,
    I did a great dive in Kao Tao when I was in Thailand a couple years ago, was in the middle of a barracuda tornado surrounded by thousands of 2-3 ft long barracuda. wish I had a camera. Have fun. Stay safe


  2. Hey Gary, I was wondering what happened to you, you’ve been off the grid. Am thinking of doing a little travel this year, I was supposed to go to Africa with friends but what they wanted to do did not fit for me.Keep posting….


  3. I think my post did not happen, again glad to see you back online, was wondering about you. seemed like a little radio silence. Am thinking of traveling again this year, was supposed to go to Africa with friends but the trip did not work out for me.. Will keep you posted, hope all is well….


  4. Wondering if the Taiwan earthquake affected you and your travels? Not a lot was reported here about it. Randy had surgery Jan 26th and came home the day after. He had to wear a soft neck brace about another 3 weeks. He has done ok but it has been hard on me… He is not a cooperative person and will not let me help him.He has a very unreasonable personality and rather than be grateful he is very irritable towards me . I hope he will heal ok and get back to his own life that does not involve me! Grrrrr-rrrr! I liked Miami! It was very different than other parts of Florida I have been too. Just checking on you… Love, Donna

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