I bet that most of you have heard about Bollywood, the Hindu language film center in Mumbai… but did you know that the Indian film industry also has Kollywood (Chennnai), Tollywood (Tamil language), Mollywood (for Mlayalam language films of Kerala) and Sandlewood (Kannada language film industry in Karnataka)? I hired a car for a little private tour of the Chennai industry town located in the Kodambakkam district (where the “K” on Kollywood comes from) and thought that I’d share some images here.

Kol1 Kol2 Kol3

This next place reminds me of the old Crossroads of the World casting center in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard that I used to go to for auditions so much in the late 1970’s.Kol4 Kol5 Kol6

All of this was a kind of reminder for me that there is really no place quite so boring in reality as there is at a movie studio where dreams are manufactured for the public. Cheers!


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  1. Gary, I have loved your comments on India. Dent and I were also fascinated by the country. When you do go back, let us know. We may want to join you for a visit! So glad you are having this fabulous adventure!


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