ISKCON Banglore

One attraction in Bangalore was just two metro stops away from my place. ISKCON, or International Society for Krishna Consciousness’s Sri Radha Krishna Temple, is the headquarters for what we knew in the States as the Hare Krishna movement. Here is a major legitimate devotional group worshiping the Hindu deity Krishna. The temple is an impressive structure heavily attended the night that I passed through during daily Darshan. Darshan is the practice of passing through the temple to pay tribute to the various deities idolized. In the case of ISKCON, using the word “pay” when describing tribute is quite literal. The movement is not shy about asking for money. As we passed through the temple, there were eight choke points in the line with large clear plastic donation cubes before reaching the inner sanctum. On the way to the exit, there were many more, along with books, curios, snacks and sweets for sale. The inner sanctum is large with soaring ceilings, loads of gold plating and the music of a quartet chanting praises and playing traditional instruments. There is an excellent restaurant known as The Higher Taste (God’s Own Cuisine) on the premises offering a Sattvic vegetarian buffet – expensive for India but gourmet quality. I ended up eating lunch there one day and dinner the next. They did have some humorously aggressive catering advertising that seemed to lifted straight from KFC (see the photos below).



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