I jumped on a train in Nashik heading back to Mumbai, then went straight to the airport to catch a SpiceJet flight to Bangalore, another of the four major cities in India (along with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai). Unfortunately, IMHO Bangalore possesses many of the same unattractive attributes as Mumbai. I stayed in a AirBnB condo on the 17th floor of a high-rise in the northwest district of Yeshwanthpur that should have had an awesome view of the city, but the entire metropolis was clouded in a heavy yellow smog that remind me of Los Angeles in the late 1970’s. My first day I did attempt to go out and see the sights around the city center, but was just virtually asphyxiated by the high level of air pollution.

There is a new metro system being built in Bangalore that looked as if they consulted substantially with the builders of the Bangkok Skytrain system. Same cars, same station finishes. There were some curious things with the system, though. Firstly, the security is airport level – frisking, metal detectors and bag scanning for every person entering. How they intend to manage crowds when the whole system is up and running is a big question if they plan to keep this up. As it is now, the number of security personnel roaming the huge stations exceed the riders at every stop. Kind of eerie, really. Only a few stops are operating currently, so the system is not really people-moving enough yet to make any impact on the city’s traffic congestion (which is mind-numbing).

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