Cave Trip

Next up on my agenda after Mumbai was to visit the historical caves in Maharashtra State. These are the two World Heritage Sites of Adjanta and Ellora. In order to set this up, I took a seven hour train trip to the city of Aurangabad and stayed there as a jumping off point. Aurangabad was a welcome relief from the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, offering a more reasonable level of chaos. I was really only in town for dinner and sleep, as both of the cave sites were separate day-trips. I hired a car and driver for the caves and recommend this as a solution for others who are thinking about the trip. Adjanta is a good  120 km from Aurangabad and requires the entire day to visit, leaving the city early. There are buses that make the trip, but….

Ellora is closer to Aurangabad, only about 30 km and could be visited more easily by bus or autorickshaw. However, there are several interesting stops between that can be made. A nice A/C car is also a welcome relief after hiking around the cave sites in the Indian heat.

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