On To The East – Typhoons!

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After Kaohsiung, I traveled by train to the east coast of Taiwan. The east is Taiwan’s beautiful, mountainous coast – home to large groups of indigenous peoples and stunning national parks. It is sparsely populated compared to the west coast of the island. It reminded me a lot of Oregon and Washington. My first stop was the town of Yuli. Yuli is the gateway to the eastern end of Yushan National Park, which literally stretches westward almost the entire width of Taiwan.

Unfortunately, my timing was such that my week on the east coincided with three typhoons stacked up in a row out over the Pacific, all heading my way. There was lots of rain and closures.

The picture above was at the entrance to the famed Walami Trail that I had intended to hike. The trail began in the Japanese era, not only as a means to open up the east but also as a way to maintain a defensive eye on the indigenous peoples, who were not receptive to Japanese rule. Supposedly, the trail offers fantastic views out over the coastal mountains and ocean. I was not able to find out – this is the first time in my life that I have been shut out of an event due to a typhoon!

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