Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung

The Lotus Pond is in the north part of Kaohsiung and takes a little effort to get to. First a rapid-transit ride, then a city bus. It has been a popular area since the Qing Dynasty, known for the 20 temples on its shore and nearby. Colored lights light up the area at night and there are running paths.

This is Longhu Ta. You enter the dragon and exit the tiger for good luck.LP1 LP2 LP3

Spring and Autumn Pavilions. This temple is dedicated to Guandi, the God of War. That’s Guanyin riding the dragon.LP4 LP5 LP6 LP7 LP8

The Temple of Enlightenment, featuring two giant lions draped over giant stone balls.


This is Xuantian Shang-di, the Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven and guardian of the north.LP10

Some nice panels inside the Xuantian Shang-di pavilion.LP11 LP12 LP14

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