At the end of the MRT green line to the south is Bitan. Here the Bi Tan River is dammed and has been developed into a lovely recreation area. There are well-maintained walking and cycling pathways that run along the riverside (literally all the way to Tamsui in the north), hiking trails, paddle boats and rocky cliffs. There is also the Bitan Suspension Bridge, pedestrian only running 200 meters and built in 1937. Buskers set up to entertain all along the way and there are cafes aplenty. This is a good example of the care that Taiwan takes of its citizens with excellent public works seemingly everywhere you turn. All-in-all a very pleasant location to while away an afternoon.

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2 Replies to “Bitan”

  1. Keep ’em comin’, Cuz. Taiwan seems like a little paradise. Summer’s hot & humid as usual here and your posts are a refreshing respite from the Southern ennui.


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    1. Hi Dent,

      Great to hear from you and keep your replies comin’, too. They truly give me energy to continue.

      Taiwan is so much more hot and humid than Arkansas has ever been. A daily challenge, but all the positives outway the weather negatives.

      Did you know that we can talk for free via Google Hangouts? As long as you are on a Wifi connection, we can chat. Try to download the app and let me know if you do. I would love to talk to you and Charlotte every so often.


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