Sivananda Yoga Taipei

To add to all the many persuasive attributes of Taipei, they also have a Sivananda yoga studio. I was only able to take one session there with a wonderful teacher from Argentina. Very unique experience to be in a yoga class as an English speaker taking instruction from a Spanish-accented girl speaking Chinese in a room full of tiny Taiwanese yogis. Let’s do it again!



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  1. Gary, just found out Marisa is teaching Yoga now as her full time job! Talked to Tom last week and he told me she quit her job working for John Walsh’s organization. I thought you would interested in that… Tom and Terry had just been on a long trip to Alaska through Seattle and then Vancouver. Guess they are using their money( Tom’s) for some nice trips. I am not going to LA this week. There was a postponement due to a last minute venue change. Not sure of a new date yet. We probably will still try to go if our schedules permit. Dick and I , as an alternative plan, are driving to St George Island in Florida for a few days.we plan to go July 30. Love, Donna PS did you try to call me today?? I was in WalMart and something from you popped up on my phone but I couldn’t answer it for some crazy reason( probably the location I was in).

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